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Real estate business in Georgetown DC It takes a lot of thought before you invest in real estate. If you are looking to relocate, keep Georgetown on your list. Located in the northwest quadrant of Washington DC, Georgetown is a very popular section of the city with a long and colorful history.

Georgetown is home to the main campus of Georgetown University. Georgetown is the home of many foreign dignitaries and politicians. The embassies of Sweden, Thailand, Mongolia, Venezuela and France are located there. Georgetown has beautiful homes and gardens and many historic sites.

Visitors can see Pre-Columbian artifacts displayed at Dumbarton Oaks, visit the Old Stone House or stroll along the C&O canal. Spring in Georgetown is a profusion of flowering trees and shrubs. An array of high-end shops and trendy restaurants are situated in the Georgetown area.

M Street and Wisconsin Avenue are hubs of activity and are popular among locals and visitors alike. Hugo Boss, Betsey Johnson and Ralph Lauren are just a few of the designers who have opened boutiques. The area abounds with great restaurants offering cuisine from American to Thai to Vietnamese.

Many restaurants offer al fresco dining with views of the Potomac River. If you are interested in real estate in Georgetown, you can check out the website, where you can find listings for new construction and existing homes. If you are interested in real estate in Georgetown, check out www.Georgetowndcforsale.

com, where you can find listings for new construction and existing homes. Your real estate agent can help you find information about schools, grocery stores, daycare centers and other support services. If you're looking for a cosmopolitan locale, wonderful shops, great dining, you can't beat Georgetown. The real estate agents of Georgetown are efficient and offer excellent.

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