Ripping CSS Encrypted DVD Discs Is Worth The Hassle

My family is so fond of movies that we buy tons of disks. Still, this is much cheaper that buying movie tickets for the whole family. We have a big collection of DVDs with movies from all genres. But as it usually happens there are movies we watch rarely and movies we watch quite often.

The movies we watch quite often wear out fast and even though we use disk cleaners and polishers, the DVD disk eventually becomes so scratched that it is useless. Rushing to the DVD store to buy one more copy of a favorite DVD does not help much when the DVD is out of print. So, there is only one way to have the DVD forever � to copy it. There are many families like ours � with huge collections of favorite DVDs, which become scratched and useless.

Quick fixes like cleaners and polishers can help but they do not solve the problem. Purchasing multiple copies of the same DVD is too costly. But what about Nero? Have you heard about it? It is very unpleasant that you have to break the protection codes of DVDs if you want to make a copy of it.

But it is quite logical that there will be protection codes. It can�t be the other way, when so many people are making tons of pirated copies and this hurts recording studios. Of course, recording studios will take the measures to protect themselves! My idea is that making spare copies for personal use is OK. I see that many people share this belief and the good news is that there are talented programmers (and even whole companies), who know how to break the protection codes. As a result there are several good programs, which can help you copy a protected DVD to your hard drive and from there - to a blank DVD.

At this point, it seems logical to simply copy the data from the hard drive to a blank disc. However, moving the data from the DVD is similar to opening a compressed file. The information has been expanded and will no longer fit on a single disc. Before it can be made into the backup copy, the files will need to be rid of superfluous junk and shrunk down to fit on the backup. If you use the right programs, such as Nero, the process of copying a protected DVD is not as difficult as it might seem.

Nero provides easy ways to copy your DVDs. You just need to make a few clicks and you will have a great copy, which you can play as many times as you want without fears that if you damage it, you can�t get another. Copying a protected DVD might seem too much of a hassle but it isn�t because if you don�t do it, the only alternative is to lose that movie.

This doesn�t sound very exciting, right? Isn�t it much better when you can watch your favorite movie over and over again and not worry about damaging it?.

If you are looking for dvd ripping and dvd copy solutions, visit for information by Isaiah Henry on how to copy DVDs and rip a DVD. Ask quesions and give experiences on our dvd copy forum.

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