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Mortgages are perhaps the best way to carry out debt consolidation. Contrary to popular belief, a mortgage is comparable to a secured loan and since a property is put up as collateral, the interest rates involved are usually lower when compared to an unsecured loan or other finance options. To better understand how mortgages are an ideal debt consolidation option, let's assume a home owner has collective debts of $100,000. Debt consolidation would essentially involve acquiring a loan for $100,000 and then paying off existing debts with the $100,000.

Mortgages are the ideal consolidation option as they do not incur a high interest rate and they are very easy to acquire. If you are currently looking for a mortgage to consolidate your debts, here are a few tips to help you find the best mortgage deal. Research your options thoroughly With so many mortgage lenders to choose from, finding a finance company can be a difficult task. The first step in finding a mortgage lender is via the internet. For example, if you are located in California, simply type in California mortgage lender in Google and the search result will bring up mortgage lenders that are located in California. The advantage of dealing with a California mortgage lender is that the lender will have comprehensive knowledge of the mortgage rates and interest rates that apply to your community/location.

Apart from the internet, speak to friends and family members and get references for mortgage lenders. Once you have short listed a few mortgage lenders, speak to them and see which one you can work with. It is important to understand that the mortgage lender will take care of pretty much every aspect of your mortgage. A typical mortgage lender will research all your options and help you find the lowest interest rate possible. In essence, you will not be interacting with mortgage brokers directly and pretty much everything will be taken care of by the mortgage lender.

Understand your debt consolidation Before you start looking for a mortgage lender, the first step is determining which debts you should consolidate and which debts are best left untouched. To get a better idea of your debt portfolio, look through the interest of all your existing debts, if you are being offered a loan at a higher interest rate then you are better of not consolidating the debts (which are at a lower interest rate). If you are not confident about your analytic skills, don't hesitate to ask for help. Get in touch with a debt consolidation firm that will guide you through the entire debt consolidation process. Understand the mortgage There are various types of mortgages available in the market, and depending on your credit history (and the assets being offered as collateral) you can be offered anything from a fixed rate mortgage to a balloon mortgage.

Make sure you understand the various mortgage options being offered, speak to your mortgage lender and understand the interest rates and payment options that are available before agreeing for the mortgage. For a California mortgage lender

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