Cedar Log Home Builder in Texas Building Your Dream Home the Way it Should be

Creating any house, much more someone else's dream house requires artistry, skills and craftsmanship. A cedar log custom home builder in Texas must possess these qualities and more: he must be a modern thinker. In this century wherein functionality and utility are considered traits of beauty, a cedar log home builder must be able to fuse artistry and science in building your dream home. The finest around Brian A. Bailey Homes is one of the finest cedar log home builders in Texas if one were to go by the awards that the company received in the industry.

There is the award for housing design ? the Best in American Living gold award. Then there is the Gold Nuggets award given for creative architecture. Builder Magazine also bestowed upon Brian A. Bailey Homes the Best Builder in America award. Custom Home Magazine gave it the Pacesetter Award for, you said it, pacesetting design.

These are just some of the awards garnered by the company for its work in home-building. Founded in 1979 by Brian A. Bailey and his father, this home builder is backed by a full team of real estate professionals.

From administration to finance, to design and construction, you are assured that you are dealing with competent and committed personnel. A visit to their office at 11610 Bee Caves Road in Austin will enable you have a feel of how you are treated first-class by these professionals. This homebuilder puts a very high premium on customer satisfaction. You want customized, you get customized. You want a cedar log home, you'll get your rustic, old-fashioned home, no questions asked ? truly according to your specifications. Building your dream home the way you want it Brian A.

Bailey Homes wants nothing but a totally satisfied seal of approval from you. To achieve this, the company's team of professionals works with other partners in the industry including local materials suppliers and other contractors, to help in various aspects of design, exterior and interior construction, down to the plumbing and the roofing, even to the details of furniture and fixtures and appliances. Short of saying that when you move in to your new home built by Brian A. Bailey Homes, every little thing that is in this home is to your liking and full satisfaction. There you are ? award winning professional work suited to your discriminating taste makes every Brian A. Bailey home your dream home.

Contact a realtor for referrals Brian A. Bailey is truly one of the finest cedar log home builders in Texas. However, there are a few others out there that you might want to know more about and probably meet in person, too.

A realtor can help you in this regard. He's the best person you can talk to about your home building needs since he is in no way connected to any of home builders and thus can give you an honest opinion about your custom home builder of choice.

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