Understanding Different Phone Card Terms and Charges

Are you having a hard time looking for the right phone card to use when calling your loved one abroad? Or are you spending too much buying phone cards but you do not get your money's worth? First of all, before you go and buy another phone card you must first know the terms used in phone cards like Connection Fee, charges made by phone card companies, etc. and factors in buying a phone card. Terms and Charges: Prepaid Phone Card ? This is what you buy with a certain amount to enable you to call abroad. Users are allowed to make calls up to the amount of the card purchased. Calls are made by calling a local access number or toll free number and by entering a PIN. But not all cards require you to enter the PIN.

Card Value ? Cards have different denominations which are $2, $3, $5, $20 and $50. The most purchased cards are $5 and $10, make sure that you buy a card that suits your need. Some prefer buying $5 and $10 cards which make them complete their calls without thinking about the maintenance fees, rounding fees and connection fees. Even though a $50 card provides a better rate than $10 card, it can also be pricier comparing it with five $10 cards. Cards also have expiration dates so make sure that you use up all the minutes in your phone cards. Rate per minute ? Every minute you spend on a call corresponds to an amount which is deducted from the value of the card and also the minutes.

Other cards may have lower rates per minute but can have expensive connection fees and other charges. Connection Fee ? This fee is charged when your call is answered even if it is an answering machine, voice mail, pager or fax. Cards have different connection fees but most do not charge this fee especially cards that have higher rates per minute. Maintenance Fee - This fee is charged before or after the call was made.

Almost all phone card companies charges this fee. It is scheduled weekly, semi-weekly or monthly. Minutes Rounding ? The length of the call is computed by rounding off the minutes spent in the call. Like for an example a 30 seconds call is rounded off to a 2 minutes call, and a 3 minutes call will become a 4 minutes call. Expiration Date ? Most cards have expiration date ranging from 2 months to 6 months.

It is commonly counted after the first use of the card. Communication Fee ? The minutes may be attractive but some cards charge this fee and it is usually charged after the call is made. Check before buying to see if the card charges this fee. Pay-Phone Surcharge ? Using a public pay phone applies a surcharge. Cell phone calls ? Some phone cards have different calling rates when calls are made to cell or mobile phones.

Tax ? Some cards charge you with monthly or onetime fee which is uncommon. Always remember to check before buying whether your card charges tax, to avoid being unnecessarily charged.

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