You Have A Great Vision And A Perfect Plan Do You Have the Freedom To Implement It

As busy professionals we are always on the lookout for the best way to accomplish our goals. We want more freedom to enjoy the benefits that being our own "master" provides. As we seek to expand our prosperity and productivity we encounter many individuals who help and support us on our path. But what about when we find ourselves going back again and again for help and . it isn't working. The "answer" always seems to be one off from the solution that we're seeking.

Maybe if we would look at life just a little differently from the inside, we would see a dramatic change on the outside. Often the challenges we face as entrepreneurs, parents or individuals - aren't the real problem at all and we get caught in an endless loop trying to solve the obvious, when the obvious isn't the problem at all. The next time it may look exactly the same - or maybe it wears a different face. Consider the power you would experience if the things that were happening in your life were simply mirrors to encourage you to see yourself as others see you? You would then have the power to clear the mirror and take a step closer to the freedom you desire. Imagine the following; what if you had an awareness of and trusting in the overall plan of life; a broader understanding of why things are happening so that there would be less struggle and resistance.

What if you could find the source of the petty irritations as well as the major challenges that you face? When you are able to connect with this gift of the mirror you have the ability to find greater freedom to "be", to "do", and ultimately to "have" all the prosperity you envision. I suggest that most of us want the same freedom in our life; the ability to "do the things I want - when I want to do them." The clarity to obtain the freedom to live this way may be as close as a simple shift in our thoughts and connecting with our feelings. The old saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" holds true for the freedom we seek in business as well as in our personal lives. Start by asking questions and finding a team that supports the growth that YOU are looking for in your life. As you gather your support team, use these tips to assist in moving closer to your goals: * Remember you always have a choice.

* Arrive on time and always be present. * Play full out in life. * The most important time is now, the place is here and the who is whoever is present. * Start with the tools you have and build from there. * You are a reflection of your outlook on life - be the mirror that you want to see only you have the power to change you! * Look for new ways to keep the passion alive! * Be conscious of the connections to people, places and events in the world around you.

* Use your team to help you stay focused on the big picture!.

Kira Wagner is a living example of recognizing choices to achieve tremendous results. Born to blind parents, she's aware that the only handicaps are those we place on ourselves. Kira Wagner is a speaker, writer and seminar leader. For additional information visit my website at

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